Here comes the sun
Marianna Corwin

Here comes the sun

Without it our planet would be nothing more than a barren ball of ice. But the sun does so much more than simply warm us. It drives our weather, moves ocean currents, and provides the energy that makes all life on earth possible.

It all boils down to photosynthesis, the process through which plants use light energy to fuel their growth. Although, technically, you don’t actually need the sun to make photosynthesis happen at all. In fact, artificial sources of illumination also work, which is why cannabis growers were able to take their crops indoors during the prohibition era. And it worked. So much so, that it has since been expanded onto an industrial scale by some larger corporate LP’s.

If artificial light is effective when growing cannabis, why does Halcyon prefer sun-grown flower?

Why sun grown cannabis is better

We firmly believe that what we put into our cannabis directly impacts the experience that you get out of it. It’s part of our dedication to delivering a Halcyon experience - a guiding principle that influences every part of our process, from our decision to use rainwater, natural pest control - to our commitment to cultivating sun-grown cannabis.

At Halcyon we believe there’s simply no replacement for Mother Nature. After all, she's served the needs of cannabis plants for millennia, and shows no sign of losing her touch anytime soon. It’s one of the reasons why we’re so committed to sun-growing. Another is the impact it has on cannabis itself. Indeed, go speak to our team of growers and they’ll tell you that you can actually taste the difference between cannabis that’s been cultivated using sunlight and crops that have been reared using artificial illumination. It turns out Sunshine is delicious.

Why? It’s all about the terpenes, the organic compounds that give cannabis strains their unique flavour and aroma. Sun-grown cannabis has a richer terpene profile, which, put simply, means it tastes and smells better. So why would we choose to do anything other than sun-grown cannabis?  

Technology in service of mother nature

The hybrid-greenhouse we grow Halcyon in has been custom built for sun-grown cannabis cultivation. We built it with the aim of being the country’s most technologically advanced greenhouse and designed it to maximize every plant’s potential.

The technology and innovation in the greenhouse is in service to mother nature and to our team of legacy growers. Among a whole host of technological innovations, one of its most prominent features is its custom-designed roof, which allows 15% more sunlight to reach our crops compared to traditional greenhouses. It’s just one of the ways in which we’re combining our passion for the plant with cutting edge technology to produce truly premium cannabis.

Sun-grown or artificial light, environmentally friendly or high carbon footprint. These details matter. That’s why we focus on thousands of little things at every stage of our cannabis cultivation, because we know that in the end, they add up to make a big difference to your experience.

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