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In chasing perfection, we find excellence.

We are legacy growers that have been honing our craft for decades by holding onto time-honoured practices of superior cannabis cultivation through intuition and personal understanding of the plant that only someone whose been doing this for years can execute. But we don’t stop there – we are constantly developing and utilizing the newest innovations to maximize each plants potential.

Superior Genetics

Cannabis is a never-ending voyage of discovery. In our ever-expanding collection we have hundreds of cultivars ready to be discovered. Classic cultivars, grown properly so you can rediscover why they became classics in the first place. New cultivars that you’ve heard about, but haven’t been able to try yet.


Sun-grown cannabis is more aromatic and better tasting. It delivers a deeper, more complex, richer, and longer-lasting experience. It’s less expensive to produce (and thus less expensive for you to buy) and it’s much, much better for the environment. We grow our cannabis by harnessing natural, full spectrum light that only the sun can provide. Even the best light bulbs can’t mimic the unique qualities of the power of the sun. Our hybrid greenhouse was built specifically for cannabis, by designing the roof to allow for 15% more sunlight reach than typical greenhouses.


Rain is as much our friend as sunshine. Municipal water is over purified and contains things like chlorine or fluoride to create an artificial uniformity that is not desirable for cannabis. We only use natural rainwater. Our roof was designed not just for maximum sunlight transmission, but to collect rainwater. This rainwater helps provoke the plants to produce more and varied terpenes in a way that municipal water never can. Giving you a more aromatic, better tasting experience. In a world where clean drinking water is becoming an issue, our use of rainwater is a much more environmentally friendly, responsible way to grow.


A proper dry and cure are crucial in creating a superior smoking experience. We use the old school method of hang drying to help ensure our buds aren’t overly handled, protecting the trichomes and maintaining higher levels of cannabinoids and THC. This allows the bud to dry more evenly and keep their shape. Hang drying also helps the chlorophyll dissipate, so that you end up with the smoothest possible smoke that is never harsh.

The Cure

Curing is an art. Our slow, steady curing process makes the flavour much more refined and complex, gaining depth and bouquet variance. Properly cured cannabis is always deeper and more introspective. Like a very good aged wine, there is something unique about a well cured flower.

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